Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more poetry

everything spirals right on
like the soul kaleidoscopes
directly from you
& i'm thinking everything went
just right
confident that we won this fight
& who is to say otherwise
but then i turn around & see
the helplessness in your eyes
& the sky comes tumbling down
the pain that was lost
soon was found
amidst sunkissed smiles
& the paths of tan lines
i would have never known
your feelings would differ from mine
had it not shown
the side comments slipping through
my thoughts
casted off as just losses
i can't grasp the concept of
losing all hope
laying in bed w/noway to cope
i've always seen a sliver of
burning my eyes
no matter how dim or bright
yet i still turn around
& there you are crying with
your head toward the ground
& the sky comes tumbling down
these moments are tangled in
confusion & misunderstanding
how could it go wrong through
all of this planning
i don't have the answers or
the right words to say
my arms are extended as if to
say it'll all be okay
but as we all knew you would,
you drift away
i wonder if i've ever had that power,
that gift to cure the ache
the priviledge to make you smile
the same way you can have us make
but, as i turn around
your sky is tumbling down
as i stand so stoic in dispair right now
the thoughts that circle my mind
fall away & slip on by
but just to let you know
i've never lost hope in you
you have always been amazing
i wish you happiness & love
that's only true
your sky wont always be tumbling down
just turn around
& i'll be here waiting
right here where you'll know i can be found.

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