Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To whom the death may toll

we are all face deep in the current wars going on. everyone has ways to withdraw us, or make us stay. people want better training/better guns etc.

Found this quite a while ago and would like to share it.

basically, this guy has made an entire new suit for war. it would cost 2000 dollars to outfit it to a solider, rather than the curren like, 17000. a lot cheaper, a whole lot better in protection. i think if the military bought this suit, they would modify it and make it a little different. add some things, take it away.

anyway. i am rambling, here are the videos.




Game reviews + other stuff on friends and mines site!


that is my Baldurs gate 2 game writeup. i decided to just link to the site, because there is also other tasty stuff being uploaded. we just switched from Pivot to wordpress. in the process of reuploading all old entries

let me know in the comments on old nostalia games i should play. I played baldurs gate till the end of time recently. tried diablo 2 again. i dunno. it seemed boring. not sure why

Friday, February 11, 2011

Classic game reviews incoming!

yes, i have been absent for a few days ago, i know. you have my deepest apologies. my leave has not been for nothing. i am working on my new little blog series.  Classic Games.

Coming up later today; Baldurs gate 2; shadows of amn.

ohhhh yeah. it will be a review alright. i have been in love with this game since 2000. time to review it. lets see how well it holds up.

some other upcoming reviews.

plus more! no more spoilers! also, i would really like to review Diablo 2, but i just cant find anything to say that everyone hasnt already said a million times before. i havent really played the game, i know. i am a heretic. i was busy playing Baldurs Gate 2 when diablo 2 was huge. so, uh, i will play some diablo 2. feel free to leave suggestions on what class to play.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Save the music.

i am starting a little project called Save the music. i will post a song or a few and let you guys decide. lets keep saving the real music. lets get all the terrible mainstream music off the air.

Save the MuSICK:

happy birthday - flipsyde.
very sad song

moment of truth -gangstarr
just pure awesome

eclipse of the heart - produced by vinnie paz
this song speaks for itself.

hope you guys like it. link me your songs that you love.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

more stuff

i know i have posted these a lot, but i want you guys to get some free stuff.


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Friday, January 28, 2011

write with me - poetry

some more poetry. this is one of my sisters poems. she, in my opinion, is a very talented writer

your words
are the swords
stabbing me in the back
every other step i take
your words
are the boulder on my back
that i carry with me
each step of the way
your words
are what stops me from running
stops me from living
stops me from breathing
stops me from believing
your words
are the wall between myself
and my happiness
your words
are the flow of my tears
your words
are everything i fear
every word lingers
on my ears
the devil on my shoulder
are your words
so much colder
than the person i knew
your words
attack me in my sleep
keeping me awake
so that i can not dream
nightmares torment my nights
and its your words
that stay in sight
always in the back of my head
pounding through my flesh
i forbid myself from showing
the pain that you have caused
the last thing that i want
is for you to know i've lost
your words
pierce into me
your words
are the heavyness on my heart
the part of me thats hateful
the thing that rips me apart
your words
drain me of the energy i need
to get by my day
the things that you've said
i really don't know if i'll be okay
but i'd never let you know
i'd die before i let it show
your words
speak to me at night
follow me through life
haunt me in my dreams
keep me from being free
the words that you said
can not leave me alone
will not sleep
wont let me go
your words
are you
your words
are untrue
everything you've said
is the ugliest part of you
your words
will make me cry no more
your words
are not worth what they were

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