Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To whom the death may toll

we are all face deep in the current wars going on. everyone has ways to withdraw us, or make us stay. people want better training/better guns etc.

Found this quite a while ago and would like to share it.

basically, this guy has made an entire new suit for war. it would cost 2000 dollars to outfit it to a solider, rather than the curren like, 17000. a lot cheaper, a whole lot better in protection. i think if the military bought this suit, they would modify it and make it a little different. add some things, take it away.

anyway. i am rambling, here are the videos.




Game reviews + other stuff on friends and mines site!


that is my Baldurs gate 2 game writeup. i decided to just link to the site, because there is also other tasty stuff being uploaded. we just switched from Pivot to wordpress. in the process of reuploading all old entries

let me know in the comments on old nostalia games i should play. I played baldurs gate till the end of time recently. tried diablo 2 again. i dunno. it seemed boring. not sure why

Friday, February 11, 2011

Classic game reviews incoming!

yes, i have been absent for a few days ago, i know. you have my deepest apologies. my leave has not been for nothing. i am working on my new little blog series.  Classic Games.

Coming up later today; Baldurs gate 2; shadows of amn.

ohhhh yeah. it will be a review alright. i have been in love with this game since 2000. time to review it. lets see how well it holds up.

some other upcoming reviews.

plus more! no more spoilers! also, i would really like to review Diablo 2, but i just cant find anything to say that everyone hasnt already said a million times before. i havent really played the game, i know. i am a heretic. i was busy playing Baldurs Gate 2 when diablo 2 was huge. so, uh, i will play some diablo 2. feel free to leave suggestions on what class to play.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Save the music.

i am starting a little project called Save the music. i will post a song or a few and let you guys decide. lets keep saving the real music. lets get all the terrible mainstream music off the air.

Save the MuSICK:

happy birthday - flipsyde.
very sad song

moment of truth -gangstarr
just pure awesome

eclipse of the heart - produced by vinnie paz
this song speaks for itself.

hope you guys like it. link me your songs that you love.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

more stuff

i know i have posted these a lot, but i want you guys to get some free stuff.


in this video all you have to do is be creative and you win a 25 dollar gift card to amazon.com. you can also be featured in a video.

do not let this stuff pass you up, guys. go get some free stuff

Friday, January 28, 2011

write with me - poetry

some more poetry. this is one of my sisters poems. she, in my opinion, is a very talented writer

your words
are the swords
stabbing me in the back
every other step i take
your words
are the boulder on my back
that i carry with me
each step of the way
your words
are what stops me from running
stops me from living
stops me from breathing
stops me from believing
your words
are the wall between myself
and my happiness
your words
are the flow of my tears
your words
are everything i fear
every word lingers
on my ears
the devil on my shoulder
are your words
so much colder
than the person i knew
your words
attack me in my sleep
keeping me awake
so that i can not dream
nightmares torment my nights
and its your words
that stay in sight
always in the back of my head
pounding through my flesh
i forbid myself from showing
the pain that you have caused
the last thing that i want
is for you to know i've lost
your words
pierce into me
your words
are the heavyness on my heart
the part of me thats hateful
the thing that rips me apart
your words
drain me of the energy i need
to get by my day
the things that you've said
i really don't know if i'll be okay
but i'd never let you know
i'd die before i let it show
your words
speak to me at night
follow me through life
haunt me in my dreams
keep me from being free
the words that you said
can not leave me alone
will not sleep
wont let me go
your words
are you
your words
are untrue
everything you've said
is the ugliest part of you
your words
will make me cry no more
your words
are not worth what they were

MORE free stuff!

you guys got ANOTHER chance to get free stuff!


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

go get free stuff!

before it is too late!


retro pong consoles. free! subscribe to him and post up!

news n stuff

source: http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/01/27/obama.youth.outreach/index.html?hpt=T2

Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama experienced a rare speaking stumble Thursday, mixing up Iraq and Afghanistan when responding in a YouTube interview to questions challenging the wars in those countries.
The president twice referred to Afghanistan when clearly talking about the situation in Iraq.
He said that the United States would withdraw all combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2011 and that combat operations there had ended, which actually describes the situation and policy for Iraq.
It was unclear whether Obama realized his mistake. He then correctly stated the situation in Afghanistan, saying the United States would start withdrawing some forces beginning in July, with the goal of handing over full security responsibilities to the Afghan government in 2014.
The 40-minute interview was part of a White House communications offensive in support of this week's State of the Union speech, with a series of events in which top administration officials spoke directly to Americans about administration policies set out in the address Tuesday night.
Questions for the president ranged from the personal, such as what he would give the first lady as a Valentine's Day gift, to policy issues asking how his administration will pay for its proposals, why prescription drugs are so expensive and how he justified the toll of the two wars in terms of money and loss of life.
On the wars that his administration inherited, Obama said that the goal in Afghanistan was to dismantle the terrorism network there that directed the September 11 attacks and that progress was being made. He said he opposed the Iraq war and pointed out efforts by his administration to withdraw all combat troops by the end of the year.
It was during his response that he mixed up the two countries.
In other answers, Obama repeated many of his proposals from the State of the Union address when asked about his plans for education, economic growth and immigration reform.
Asked where the money would come from to pay for programs such as his Race to the Top education reform plan, Obama mentioned the proposed five-year freeze on nonsecurity discretionary spending, which he said would save the government $400 billion.
The freeze would result in spending cuts, including programs he favored such as community action grants that help spur economic development, Obama said. At the same time, he said, the cuts would be targeted -- made with a scalpel as opposed to a chainsaw, as he put it -- and would allow for increased spending in critical areas such as education and innovation.
Asked about the lower test scores of Hispanic and other minority students, Obama spoke of his education proposals, including Race to the Top, which rewards states with successful programs by providing increased funding.
Noting that the U.S. populations of Hispanic, African-American and Asian students were increasing, Obama said that failing to properly educate them and close the "achievement gaps" would be growing problem.
A question on clean energy provided the president with the opportunity to reiterate his call for increased spending on research and development, as well as setting standards so that specific portions of energy come from clean energy sources.
When asked about possibly legalizing drugs to save law enforcement costs and reduce drug-related crime, Obama said he opposed outright legalization but favored treating the issue as a public health and safety problem. The goal should be to shrink the demand for drugs by changing attitudes instead of being too strongly focused on arresting and imprisoning people, Obama said.
In addition, Obama called for more resources for programs to help people dealing with drug addiction and other problems, noting that it can take six months to get into drug treatment programs in some cities.
Obama spent Wednesday visiting solar and wind energy companies in Wisconsin to tout his push for increased government investment in clean energy as a growth industry of the future, a major theme of his speech the night before.
Along with Obama's YouTube interview, Vice President Joe Biden answered questions from the public in a Yahoo interview Thursday, and four top administration officials participated in online discussions answering questions submitted via Facebook, the online social network.
Such access to top policymakers -- the president, vice president and top aides including Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee and Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough -- is generally unheard of and reflects the administration's desire to ensure its messages reach the country, particularly younger Americans who are a core constituency.
"I think it's a way of bringing people a little closer to decisions that get made here in Washington," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday when asked about the outreach.
The first event took place Tuesday night after the State of the Union speech, when a panel of White House officials -- National Economic Council Deputy Director Brian Deese, Special Assistant to the President for Education Policy Roberto Rodriguez and Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes -- answered questions submitted via Twitter, Facebook and a live audience of young adults.
In the hourlong session, which can be seen in a video posted at www.whitehouse.gov/SOTU, questions involved Obama's economic proposals, policy issues such as education and clean energy, Sudan, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, North Korea and other subjects.
Some questions were challenging, such as one that expressed skepticism at restoring the United States as a world leader in education, but in general, the inquiries indicated that participants were supporters of the administration instead of ideological opponents.
When asked whether the United States would remain engaged in Sudan after the recent secession referendum in Southern Sudan, Rhodes called the question a good one for the forum of young people.
He noted that the issue "simply would not have the attention it has" without pressure from young people, nongovernment organizations, religious groups and others.
"We see it as a kind of bottom-up activism that can help advance a more responsible foreign policy of the United States" while also helping the people of Sudan, Rhodes said.

More music!

what up world.

i need more music to add to my collection. need to put that music in the bank. need more real estate. diggit.

anyway, i am joking, but seriously. send me your favorite music. i am very unbiased and give all music a listen.

my favorite type of music is underground hiphop and rap.

couple examples!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r0KpWMNxnM   - vinnie paz, absolutely amazing song

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nia0_dMFfE4 0 - my current favorite song. immortal technique!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9MpwzM13MI - knowmads my favorite group. amazing song

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNFnHSXmRiQ - just pure greatness. pure talent

show me that music!

some entertainment

you all have probably seen these videos, but those of you have not, let me show  you

kids in japan go insane for sponge bob:

for some reason this video really disturbs me. i have never loved anything that much to go into skitzo mode.

this video is actually awesome. liquid-ish smoke trick

for those of you who do not know how to do this, chill the cup for a while. glass works best.

and then malcolm x. he is always relevant. he is awesome

so awesome.

got any entertaining videos, link em. show me them

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

lyrical update

got some good stuff for you guys.

i am a big fan of muSICK(get it?), i mean, who isn't? do you like rap battles? me too, in fact, i love them. i watch a lot of them.

Pretty big title match went down today. Bender vs Arcane.

who is bender? let me just show you his videos and you can decide who bender is.


all of those are quite amazing.

to be unbiased, i will post up Arcanes battles as well

in my opinion, thesaurus won the last battle, and charron won the other one, but, to each his own, i suppose.

let me know what you guys think. i will post my music in a different post. much bigger and better updates coming.

Workouts and getting ready for summer

So i have been working out like a machine. i have been doing  Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout and Fitness DVD Program it is absolutely killer. i highly suggest this workout. i am doing this workout and getting ready for the summer. i am going to hawaii and i would like to look my absolute best.

link provided if anyone is feeling like they want to be a complete alpha. this workout spanks me raw.

also, i suggest picking up a Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor if you are into fitness. just bought mine. i am almost OCD with things like this, so i have to know how bad i am doing and how much further i can push myself. 

also, sorry for all the links, i have just been into fitness lately. i would love to get more people into fitness. it's just fun. i just bought my warmup 20 pound dumbell set (Cap Barbell Solid Hex Single Dumbbell (20-Pound). faily light weight and a good warmup thing to work with.

anyways, tell me what you guys do for your workout. i am open to tips/advice/general gear you bought for working out. what works, what doesn't. post them comments!

War never changes

I know no one wants to hear more about war, but hear me out. i just want to touch on the subject.

It's funny, war is glorified. the mainstream idea of war is the valiant soldiers fighting for their country, for what they believe in. war is not biased, and neither are the weapons fought in war. war doesn't care about your family or your life back home. the death toll of war never ends, unless war ends.

i find it very sad to see humans, just like us, go into war, and come out as something else. forever changed. the trauma of war forever changes the mindset of those valiant soldiers. it makes us do things we disagree with, and even regret for the rest of our lives.

this video says everything better than i could


let us set aside our differences and find common ground. we are all humans living in this crazy thing we called life. let us make the best of it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big updates!

updating a lot tonight. i have been very sick lately. about to get raw!

Friday, January 14, 2011


yep, i still have pneumonia. sucks a lot. i just moved to las vegas from anchorage, alaska a few weeks ago and now i have it.

anyway. just thought i would throw that in there.

will post a few updates today. some of them will be different posts altogether

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more poetry

everything spirals right on
like the soul kaleidoscopes
directly from you
& i'm thinking everything went
just right
confident that we won this fight
& who is to say otherwise
but then i turn around & see
the helplessness in your eyes
& the sky comes tumbling down
the pain that was lost
soon was found
amidst sunkissed smiles
& the paths of tan lines
i would have never known
your feelings would differ from mine
had it not shown
the side comments slipping through
my thoughts
casted off as just losses
i can't grasp the concept of
losing all hope
laying in bed w/noway to cope
i've always seen a sliver of
burning my eyes
no matter how dim or bright
yet i still turn around
& there you are crying with
your head toward the ground
& the sky comes tumbling down
these moments are tangled in
confusion & misunderstanding
how could it go wrong through
all of this planning
i don't have the answers or
the right words to say
my arms are extended as if to
say it'll all be okay
but as we all knew you would,
you drift away
i wonder if i've ever had that power,
that gift to cure the ache
the priviledge to make you smile
the same way you can have us make
but, as i turn around
your sky is tumbling down
as i stand so stoic in dispair right now
the thoughts that circle my mind
fall away & slip on by
but just to let you know
i've never lost hope in you
you have always been amazing
i wish you happiness & love
that's only true
your sky wont always be tumbling down
just turn around
& i'll be here waiting
right here where you'll know i can be found.

some poetry

i also forgot to mention i love writing poetry, here is some of my work;

what if i didnt believe-

heavenly father if you are out of mind

can you open my mind to show me more than i can perceive
please answer me this one grind
what if i didnt believe
would you still love and care my family
they say "god loves all" is it wrong if i disagree
if youre still listening give a second to this wanna be
how come it feels like im the only one that keeps asking why?
will you still answers my prayers?
did you hold her when we all watched our Grandma die
when i die will you still let me come up the Stairs
please let my Sissy come home tonight
please dont make us bury her too
if you have to steal her please give me her address so i can still write
is it really fair to make us go through deja vu
please fuckin explain why growing up everyones nightmare was our everyday
all the hurt and anger made us grow up strong
but the Family Cross is too heavy cant you see im not the only one way past Breakdown
i honestly know heaven is a place i dont belong
i've always been the one everyone points and laughs and says heres the clown
have mercy please God help my family and take their pain
you can give it to me, fuck it, i will be glad to take it
hope when i lay down tonight youre the answer to my question
in everyones elses eyes will i ever be more than a unwanted misfit
forgive and forget me, just take my  Loved Ones out of their Great Depression
so if i say i have a little doubt please dont get mad
when i die if we finally meet face to face
will i still be a subhuman piece of trash or was it the world coloring me bad
i stand respectfully yours as i watch you go
knowing full well how it pains me to do so
heartbreak isn't easy, i'm sure you already know
the healing will be tough & i know it'll be slow
God giving in the end we'll have more love of our own
please remember me in your prayers & don't
be afraid to say hello
as much as i don't agree
it's only right i set you free
i wish i could change the things
that lead us to be so unhappy
but alas time doesn't rewind or wait
for anyone
certainly didn't wait for me
i guess being angry is normal to some degree
considering i've spoken my peace and
made my plea
in the end noone likes to be rejected
but our lives were nothing like what we projected
and it feels like we worked so hard to keep it protected
we rotted from the inside & our love was infected
even so i don't want this to end but whatever your
decision is, i have to respect it
i lost myself between the emotions
and i lost you as a result
its all just bullshit
and i know it's my fault
but goodbye is bittersweet
i cry because i've lost but
but smile upon memories
that may just be my favorite one
you smiling right back at me
even though we're clearly done
whenever i think of that day i'm free
and for just a moment, purely happy
to say i wish you love would be a lie
but maybe in the future i'll change my mind
i wish you happiness in life
you'll succeed, it's in your blood
you always make it, though the going gets tough
& i know you're surrounded by a ton of love
just don't ever change, you're so much more than enough
you're too good to settle for less
though if you change your mind
you know my answer is yes
i stand, respectfully yours as i watch you go
knowing you wont return but still naively hoping so
this love is hard to let go & i'm sure you already know
the healing will be rough but i'll take it slow
i pray that you never feel alone
for i am always with you during your highs
and especially your lows
in any case, the number hasn't changed on my
& you're still listed as home..  

ground zero

i dont really know why i started a blog. i have always liked writing and i have always kinda kept journals of some kind. it feels like i just need to have them around, in case i disappear if i dont have them. that sounds bizarre. aactually childish, lol.

lets experience my strange life togeher. write with me and talk wih me. lets live this together.

day one, blog one.

let me tell you some  stuff about me. 20 years old, im a male. white and native. i love hip hop. i love the music. i love watchin movies. i would hang out with me. true story.

tell me about you