Wednesday, January 26, 2011

War never changes

I know no one wants to hear more about war, but hear me out. i just want to touch on the subject.

It's funny, war is glorified. the mainstream idea of war is the valiant soldiers fighting for their country, for what they believe in. war is not biased, and neither are the weapons fought in war. war doesn't care about your family or your life back home. the death toll of war never ends, unless war ends.

i find it very sad to see humans, just like us, go into war, and come out as something else. forever changed. the trauma of war forever changes the mindset of those valiant soldiers. it makes us do things we disagree with, and even regret for the rest of our lives.

this video says everything better than i could

let us set aside our differences and find common ground. we are all humans living in this crazy thing we called life. let us make the best of it.

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