Friday, February 11, 2011

Classic game reviews incoming!

yes, i have been absent for a few days ago, i know. you have my deepest apologies. my leave has not been for nothing. i am working on my new little blog series.  Classic Games.

Coming up later today; Baldurs gate 2; shadows of amn.

ohhhh yeah. it will be a review alright. i have been in love with this game since 2000. time to review it. lets see how well it holds up.

some other upcoming reviews.

plus more! no more spoilers! also, i would really like to review Diablo 2, but i just cant find anything to say that everyone hasnt already said a million times before. i havent really played the game, i know. i am a heretic. i was busy playing Baldurs Gate 2 when diablo 2 was huge. so, uh, i will play some diablo 2. feel free to leave suggestions on what class to play.

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